Fools Gold

  1. (Gilded oil shale pebbles: an collaborative (FCF) intervention at Kilve Beech North Somerset with Seila Fernandez Arconarda: December 2013
  2. Nice Fruit #1
  3. (CMYK screen print): shown at Drawn, a selected group show with alldaybreakfast, December 2013, The Galleries, Bristol, UK
  1. Nice Fruit #2
    (screen print): March 2014

Nice Installation
(fly-posted screen prints) part of Holy Souls a selected group show with alldaybreakfast at Fringe Arts Bath, May 2014
Available in Various Colours
(duotone screen print): Wells Contemporary. selected annual show, Wells, N E Somerset October 2014.
(clay tablets): Without Borders selected group show, Museum in the Park, Stroud, Gloucestershire, July/August 2015
Print Installation,
Cappuccino Moment (digital print) Cappuccino Moments & Humpty Dumpty’s Bones (artists books) with Edwardian pot stand, Sharps bin, hospital gown and occasional beer bottle: Space to Place, Embassy Tea Gallery, London, September/October 2015


Good Night and God Bless
Water Catalogue
Brigitte Riley’s swimming pool
Moving Light
Reflected Lines
Broken Hearts
'Available in Various Colours'